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Charity and altruism in everyday life


Our credo: Absolute Solidarity. was created to connect people who want to promote, maintain and share the good in the world.
It is about interpersonal cooperation, such as loving, helpful and honest dealings with one another, as well as concrete help through gifts and donations.

This platform wants to combine positivity, thankfulness, sustainability and charity.

Its about (real) people giving and helping each other, respect for nature, environment, animals and human beings. Tomsoc wants to grow for a real charity platform, so people connecting virtually but helping in reality especially in there local surroundings!
Think global – act local
If you want to make the world a better place, start in your own neighborhood.
It is better to help people close to you than to transfer money to a large organization where you cannot see or never hear about the effects of your donation. In general, 70% of donations from large associations for charity and the environment go to bureaucratic structures and advertising, and its community support people in need around the world and offer assistance
in creating their own Eden projects and promoting the bond between individuals.
Present your project or your organization.

If you want to launch a new social or ecological project, share it on and find people who support you in your area and help you to improve and expand your project.

There are three ways of showing and living charity in everyday life.

1) Be kind to one another, be true in your actions, be faithful, authentic, loyal, honest, sincere, believable, decent, humble and grateful.

2) Help with small personal but effective gestures and gifts, such as picking up the weekly groceries for an elderly neighbor or taking her to the doctor if necessary. To be ready and willing when someone needs help.
Or give a single mother a pack of diapers, reduce waste and provide information, advise, or, or, or.

3) Larger, social and ecological projects within one’s own community in order to connect several people or ideally all of them with one another in order to strengthen the community. To help and support each other in life without expecting anything in return, simply because helping and charity are in the foreground. Charity for the sake of charity.

Specifically, this can mean: List needs and grievances and develop a plan to gradually resolve them by involving the members of a community and the resources available.
Document development, tasks and projects in the transparent calendar on makes a difference

Whats different in then any other social media platform
Like you noticed:

– there is and there won‘t be any commercials on this site
– focus on real content and good vibrations, not on games and sellings items
– using the chat and message center means high privacy and data security, no long therm savings of communications, automatic deletion after a certain time
– Class instead of mass. A quality community with a genuine interest in charity. Fake profiles are deleted and dubious content and misuse of the help system are not tolerated.

Our social platform and the free APPS for Android and iOS do not require any permissions
on your device, so never access your address book, telephone, picture directory and / or other areas.

The self-fulfilling purpose for a better world starting in one’s own place is the center of positive change.
Show people your charity and your social/ ecological projects, even if it seems insignificant to you. Because every act of charity is something great and can be seen to motivate others and to set a good example.

It’s about a new kind of help and charity,

where people in need receive the true and real value of a gift / donation or nature receives specific help and not just a small part minus bureaucracy, taxes, offices, employees, advertising, etc. cetera.
With and on it is always transparent, as the giver is always involved in the process of giving in real terms and does not transfer money anonymously without further questions / rights.
Of course, financial gifts from good souls are always welcome. Here, the donor can choose a specific and very transparent project and learn what concrete positive effects have been achieved with his means and support.
Over time, the social and ecological projects will arise and grow.


About the author: Sabine Landon
author, nature lover, co-founder of the eden-project in austria, wife & mother

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