In fact, anyone – regardless of age – can register on Because: We use highly sensitive word filters so that there is no risk to children or young people.

Neither your personal data nor your contributions will be shown publicly or passed on. Our enormous cloud server medium is located in the United Kingdom, we don’t share data or even session information with anyone.

Well, is that unique social platform whose inventor Tom Landon aims to unite all thinkers in the world. Indeed, one might think that everyone around us would think in terms of cohesion, love and the creation of godly structures in this world. Unfortunately, this is not the case. On, all free registered users will find all known and popular elements of a contemporary social platform, namely the multi-live chat, the timeline, your own profile, photo albums, groups, your own posting of contributions and reviews, a comment and rating system Concerning the large number of companies and of course extensive opportunity to discuss all topics with reference to organic agriculture, soral energy and low-voltage electronics. Users are also free to book download offers in order to purchase e-books, audios and nature photos. Finally, the user still has the option of covering his needs for solar and low-voltage devices. also offers assistance in obtaining and using free software. What is good is what requires little energy and brings maximum benefit to the community. You are welcome.

As a fellow human being, you do not have to meet any requirements to become a seller on Only the following rules have to be observed – and without exception, the sale of products that can be assigned to the following groups is permitted: 1. Low-voltage devices that can be charged on the basis of USB / Micro-USB, ideally USB Type-C / Thunderbolt (5V, 1 – 3.x A). 2. Solar products, in example devices, that can be charged independently via built-in solar panels or solar panels, that can be connected via USB or MC4 (MC4 to 2.5-/3.5 connector or similar). 3. Wind power devices. 4. ORGANIC products, in example food, handicrafts or raw materials obtained from organic farming (exception: Hemp and hemp products, other products defined as drugs, alcohol, tobacco or similar).

Registration and participation on are free of charge. We only get/keep one EUR (1 EUR) per sale. That’s all.

Yes, we back up user data, all session information, contributions, comments and of course the shop data of our sellers on the basis of a daily routine. If necessary, these can be restored at any time. However, we keep backups for a maximum of 48 hours. Direct communications from our registered users as well as real-time chats can be deleted by the respective participant himself. We never have any influence on this – unless there are any complaints or reports.

Due to the incomparable internationality of the English language, however, we have decided to publish all content on our homepage, our shop and other information in English. We are also convinced, that people who are hungry for knowledge like to take the trouble to understand the simple content we publish, by expanding their knowledge of English. Thank you for your understanding. But: We communicate as required – in addition to English – also in German and Spanish.

We have been representing people from 6 nations around the world for 27 years now. So far, this has been done in the legal areas of criminal law, family law, inheritance law, basic law, real estate law, property law, human rights, the executive and other natural and legal persons. However, we remind you that our company is not a legal firm in the sense of a law firm. However, if necessary, we involve and hire lawyers and notaries to protect the rights of our clients.

We basically ship via UPS – and this – if covered by UPS – to any location in the world. In fact, we prefer UPS, especially since we haven’t noticed any delays or discrepancies to date. The absolute advantage for the recipient: We do not charge any shipping costs, especially since we are convinced that urgently needed products must be received without additional charges. After receipt of your payment and shipping via UPS, you will receive the link for online tracking in your order information. All shipments are also insured. If, contrary to expectations, damage or defects should occur, we will have the product in question picked up by UPS free of charge and send a new one to the recipient.

On you may choose one of the following payment types:

  1. Credit Card (VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX),
  2. Fund Transfer (IBAN/BIC).

During the checkout process you will be asked to select your preferred payment type, confirm our terms- and conditions, complete your purchase – and done.

Absolutely, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. If one of our physical products arrives damaged or faulty, please let us know. We will immediately arrange the pick-up – free of charge. You decide whether you want a replacement or your money refunded.

We offer a support ticket system which is available to every registered user of our platform after logging in. You have the option to create or edit a ticket via your customer account, more precisely via header menu option “Client Account” – “Personal Ticket Area”.

the tom™ logo,™, preserve our planet™ are registered trademarks (UK PMW 13480200221S057 + 13480200221S062) – is a property of the limited, London, UK, CN 13215909, 71 – 75 SHELTON STREET, COVENT GARDEN, LONDON, WC2H 9JQ – phones: +44-20-8144-1447 (UK) and +1 302 669 9055 (USA), limited™ is registered under trade mark number UK00003600588 (status per 02/2021: examination) – also Tom’s is a registered trademark of the bailador de ensueno s.a., DR, 1998 ongoing, nu 0099761 – all rights reserved. In order to avoid fraud and harassment, we store the following information for the duration of platform usage: IP address, country of origin, session duration, browser language, browser- and operating system type, URL of origin (referrer), duration of use, URL of the entry- and exit page as well as any searches carried out on our site plus successful or unsuccessful login attempts. Furthermore we are using cookies for perfect user experience. By entering our page, you agree with these conditions of use. You also may open our page by using the domains,,,, and
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