Es regnet Marienkäfer- im Eden-Projekt

Am 12. Oktober 2019 nahmen wir erstmals ein Phänomen war, welches das Eden-Projekt bis dato nicht erlebte, zumindest nicht bewusst. Es sei kurz zu erwähnen, dass jedes Jahr eine oder auch zwei Arten aus der Reihe schlagen. Was heißt, dass sie im Verhältnis zu den Vorjahren und zu anderen am Areal lebenden Arten in merklicher Überzahl erscheinen. Heuer waren das zum Beispiel die Heupferde und Heimchen.

Die Sonne schien hoch und warm am Himmel, hin und wieder bildete eine Wolke einen kurzlebigen Schatten. Ein leichter Wind, ein milder Herbsttag, kalendarisch eher in den frühen September passte als in den Oktober, der bei uns „normalerweise“ schon von den ersten Frösten dominiert wird.


                            LIVE HEALTHY

                                                           “Eat healthy Live healthy”

What is a healthy life?

You know the irrefutable practices that represent somebody who is solid and deals with themselves. A healthy people doesn’t smoke, attempts to keep a sound weight, eats well nourishment with a lot of natural products, vegetables and fiber and, obviously, practices consistently.At the point when you take a gander at all that might actually go into a healthy life, you can see exactly how hard those things are in our present world.
How to maintain healthy life?

To keep a sound way of life, you need to continue to practice good eating habits. For that take high content of vitamins, grains, mineral, proteins, iron and etc., By keeping these habits continuously you can able to improve your healthy life.  Instead of boiling the vegetables eat fresh vegetables.

Drinking a glass of hot water in an empty stomach is helps to reduce the belly fat, cholesterol, digestion, helps to clean the large intestine, and feel fresh.

What to do?

If you want to live long lasting follow the intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting is useful to maintain the sugar level, cholesterol, improve blood pressure, to lose body weight, and increasing metabolism. Daily we should add minimum level of fruits and vegetables.  It will help to increase our immunity level.

Now days, most of people are drinking juices.  Instead of juices, eat raw fruits which help to keep the nutrition in higher side. Eat raw fruits instead of drinking liquid form.

Major problem about the food?

Now days, food is a major problem for human being.  Pesticides play a major role in fruits & vegetables. Because of these, humans are affected by diseases like cancer, abdominal cramps, diarrhea, dizziness, anxiety and confusion.


Pesticides influence various individuals in an unexpected way. Youngsters might be more delicate to certain pesticides than grown-ups. Compared with adults, they take in more air and eat more food comparative with their body size, expanding their openness. At the point when they play on floors or yards or put objects in their mouths, they increment their possibility of openness to pesticides utilized in yards or yards. Additionally, their creating bodies may not separate a few synthetic substances as adequately as grown-ups.

How to solve these problems?

Instead of eating these pesticides vegetables and fruits plant the vegetables and fruits in garden by adding natural manure in good soil to avoid these kinds of problems in our life.

 Path to enhance the healthy lifestyle

Do meditation every day to keep your body in good condition because it helps to reduce the stress level and negative vibes.  In your daily routine, add physical activates exercise to reduce your fats in body and it will helps to evaporate unwanted water.

The role of children in environmental protection

Environmental Protection:

We call the living and inanimate objects around us the environment. The environment plays an important role for a person to live a healthy life. But what we need to understand now is that we are doing the greatest harm to nature due to many scientific changes. Not just for nature, but for us as well.

Environmental Pollution Methods and its Implications: Air Pollution, Water Pollution, Soil Pollution, Noise, Light Pollution, and Food Pollution the list goes on and on.
Air Pollution
We stand in the doorway of the hospital, polluting ourselves with everything we need for our daily lives. The people of that time polluted the environment but also followed the ways to fix it, worshiped nature as a god but we never cared about it.

We are the first generation to realize the impact of climate change and the last generation to fix it,” Jay Insley said. Yes J Insley, it seems very tricky to me. I hope you understand too.

One thing we all know about Delhi(Capital of India) air pollution is that there are reports that breathing polluted air is equivalent to smoking. That condition is enough for some time to come to the towns where we live. The smoke coming out of the vehicles threatens us like a monster.

We aspire to a life of luxury, lose nature and live artificially. In big cities like Chennai, Chicago and WD. look for celery for morning work. Like an ant, a two-wheeler is everywhere on the road. Cars are the only ones that use it.

Alternatively, you can use the bus or train twice a week, even if you can’t do it every day. Humans who add material to future generations should count on leaving a little clean air. Instead of adding gold and material to their offspring, you can add a little clean air, good water, and nature. If everyone starts doing this for the good of nature and for the good of our lives, God-sent guards will protect us. Killing them and looking for danger is a vile thing.

            June 5 is World Environment Day, and on that day there will be awareness ceremonies for human beings in schools, and couples should observe it daily, not just one day.

               Educational institutions now offer a number of courses such as environmental protection methods and environmental management. It is good for the country if students grow up with an interest in the environment from an early age.

                The environment is an important part of life for you, me, and other living beings. Land, water, air, space, fire, food cycle, wildlife, agriculture, and seasons are intertwined in the web-like environment. Even if any of these are cut in a small space, It can cause great harm to all living things, including our own.

Some simple tips to protect the environment:

  • Instead of building a house entirely of concrete, you can set up a small garden at the back of the house and grow plants!
  • Household rubbish can be separated into compostable and non-biodegradable rubbish.
  • Avoid own vehicles as much as possible and use public transportation. Using a bicycle is even more special!
  • You can take the bag with you when you go to the shops. Go there and avoid buying and using plastic bags!
  • You can use both sides of a sheet of paper when printing out on a computer. Thus reducing the use of paper!
  • You can form small groups in school, college, office and conduct environmental awareness programs!

Weshalb und woraus entstand

Bereits im Jahr 2008 initiierte Founder und CEO der betreffenden social inc, Tom Landon, ein soziales Test-Projekt mit Namen iQ3, welches ausnahmslos zur Kurzweil zahlreicher Berliner Schüler und Studenten betrieben wurde. Zweck der Plattform war damals der Echtzeit-Austausch von Aufgabenlösungen zu Lehrplänen und Seminaren. Nach erfolgreichem Test über etwa ein Jahr folgte ein weiteres Forschungsprojekt unter dem Namen TOMSOC, welches hauptsächlich politische und gesellschaftliche Themen diskutieren ließ.

Im Jahre 2012 entstand aus dem Fehlen von Nächstenliebe, Hilfsbereitschaft und Zusammenhalt auf den weltbekannten sozialen Plattformen die Idee, eine soziale- und Charity-Plattform zu schaffen und diese entsprechend zu bezeichnen. war initiiert und die Entwicklung startete.

Nach fünfjähriger und sodann reifer Überlegung wurde die Version 1.0 von unter Verwendung der TLD .net im April 2019 veröffentlicht. Das Projekt umfasst im Sinne der Nutzer nun die folgenden Funktionen:

  1. Time Line (Beitragsverlauf mit Smilies, Bilder-Upload, VIDEO-Integration (YouTube, VIMEO),
  2. User-eigene Blogs (Menüpunkt BLOGS und Sub-Menüs),
  3. MITGLIEDER-Verzeichnis,
  5. globales PHOTOARCHIV (der Nutzer),
  6. Spenden-/Donations,
  7. Belobigungen der Nutzer untereinander,
  8. Ansicht der Profilbesuche,
  9. INSTANT-MESSAGING (Direktnachrichten von Nutzer zu Nutzer),
  10. Chat in Echtzeit mit Lesebestätigung und mehr.

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