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Geigerzähler Strahlenmesser Gratis APP


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Smart Geiger Pro SGP-001 + NEW VERSION + Radiation measuring device for Smartphone + iOS + Android

Measure the environmental radiation (Gamma, X-ray)
Anyone can easily use it
Convenient to carry, no battery needed
Quick and intuitive measurement
Just need your smartphone and Smart Geiger Pro

Smart Geiger Pro is a smart product you connect to your smart device headphone jack for measuring radiation in the environment.
Download the provided app „Smart Checker“ in Android Play store/ iOS App store and connect the sensor and measure instantly.
*Smart Geiger Pro is more accurate as it displays the result after setting time and then measuring during the set time.
*For accurate result, we recommend to get the average of 3 results measured for 10 minutes.
*Measure for at least 3 minutes.
*Smart Geiger Pro is not waterproof

Radiation Measurement: Gamma, X-ray
Range: Survey Meter:0.05~200usv/h
Measurement Error:±15%
Sensor type: Semiconductor sensor
User Interface: Smartphone (headphone jack)

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