How to open a private and/or business online account with the currently best services on the market.

Hello out there, my Name is Tom Landon, Entrepreneur, book author and developer of online platforms.

In fact, in times of so-called world epidemics (pandemics) and / or the hypocritical avoidance of money laundering and terrorism, it appears extremely complicated to carry out private and / or business money transfers or even to maintain merchant accounts. The amount of private or business assets does not play a role in obtaining an often urgently needed account – it seems. With this article I would like to present – also as a support to my valued fellow human beings – actually functioning and reputable providers of private and commercial online accounts.


The advantages:

Certainly REVOLUT is (still) a British provider who specializes in pre-private e-accounts. After the appropriate ligitimation by uploading an identity card or passport as well as proof of address, three account types are offered. Due to the low transfer limit and the low credit balance as well as the few free cash withdrawals at the ATM, I recommend the METAL account myself. That costs about 180 EUR per year, but it includes express delivery of the metal VISA card (the credit card is actually made of metal), travel and luggage insurance, free securities trading on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in real time, preferred customer service, Cash Back Programs and Other Benefits. The equally free APP is well developed, reliable and fast. Within the European Union, IBAN payments are not only free of charge, if the receiving bank participates in the express payment network, they are also available within a few seconds at the recipient’s account. REVOLUT also offers payments to many other countries outside the European Union. Coupling the account with GooglePay is also possible. Finally, REVOLUT also offers the online purchase of gold, silver and BitCoins. However, there is no delivery of the two precious metals gold and silver, especially since these are probably real, but virtual precious metal stocks. The independent opening of foreign currency accounts (example: YEN, POUND, USD, HONG KONG DOLLAR and similar) is also possible. Absolutely comfortable.

The disadvantages:

Well, as with every company, quality and performance depend on the willingness of the support staff to go a bit towards the customer. This is exactly where REVOLUT‘s problem is dramatically, almost life-threatening, I would say. Because: REVOLUT has been promoting its company accounts that are supposedly available at short notice over the past three months. If you open one, you will be asked to upload a stupid number of documents (company register entry, board structure, again ID card or passport and other things). Apparently an insurmountable stumbling block is the British distinction between “INVOICES” and “BILLS”. Means: A so-called “utility bill”, in example an electricity, gas, telephone or rent bill, must be uploaded to provide proof of address. In times of the global COV hysteria, however, most end consumers forego the postal delivery of paper invoices and therefore receive them by e-mail in .PDF format. And this – from the perspective of the REVOLUT authentication experts, apparently the problem. According to these people, you would have to print out the .PDF invoice, scan it and in this way prove a paper invoice (gas, electricity and similar). Because: “e-bills” and “online account statements” – according to the REVOLUT customer enemies from the verification department – are “not valid documents to prove the receiving address”. Conclusion: The REVOLUT private account is absolutely great, the previously highly praised company account is probably not ready yet, which is why you tend to keep potential customers away instead of welcoming them with open arms.


The private REVOLUT account can be described as successful and helpful. The use is completely transparent, the costs are almost zero. I consider the REVOLUT company account to be a “shot in the oven”, because for a very long time – so my assumption – due to the lack of capable staff, it will achieve no or at least little success in the market of extremely critical and picky customers. I even fear that the REVOLUT management has destroyed its market position by prematurely marketing the commercial account. Plus: Although I have already referred dozens of customers to REVOLUT, I have never received the promised commission. This is an absolute indictment of a supposedly so potent company.

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