Take a quick decision at climate change … (Dear request)

Take a quick decision at climate change … (Dear request)

        Between 2008 and 2019, an average of 24 billion people was displaced worldwide due to the effects of climate change.
Climate change
The World Economic Forum was held in Davos, Switzerland. For the first time in 15 years, climate change and environmental risk have been listed. It is worth noting here that the UCL Lancet Commission, the world’s oldest scientific research organization, warned ten years ago that “climate change will be the biggest threat of the 21st century.”

A 2018 World Bank report predicts that 143 billion climate refugees could be displaced from sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia and Latin America by 2050 due to rising sea levels and expanding deserts. A report released jointly by the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and NASA confirms that the last 10 years of the 140 years have been the hottest. The details of the Economic Federation report are as follows…


Glaciers in Antarctica are melting faster than usual over the past 40 years due to rising sea temperatures. Due to the change in the weather, the westerly winds blow more and more and the heat penetrates between the ice sheets. Thus, research suggests that glaciers melt faster. Ice is melting heavily on the continent of western Antarctica. Seawater levels rise as ice melts. Glaciers in western Antarctica are capable of raising sea level to 17.32 feet. The region currently loses 159 billion tons of glaciers each year.


China, India and Japan are the first, third and fifth largest emitters of carbon emissions, according to the Global Carbon project 2017. China, the world’s most populous country, is the only country in the world that emits a quarter of the world’s organic matter. Thus Asia is the most vulnerable continent due to climate change. Risks such as avalanches in the Himalayas, earthquakes in Indonesia, landslides, floods and droughts have occurred due to climate change. It is noteworthy that since 2017, South Asian regions have been affected by heavy rains and storms.



Water bodies in Africa have been affected by climate change. The daily life of the people has been affected by the melting of glaciers, the drying up of rivers, the drying up of water bodies and the change in rainfall over time. The economy suffers when water levels fall in Africa. The whole of Ghana depends on the Volta River for electricity. The whole of Mali depends on the Niger River for food, water and transportation. More than half of the people in Nigeria have never seen clean water in their lifetime.


Scientists say that in 2019 the heat waves on the continent of Europe will be 5 times higher than the average. Severe heat waves were reported last year in parts of Europe, including Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, and the Czech Republic. Temperatures in France alone reached 45.9 degrees Celsius.



      A world-wide wildfire has been raging in Australia since September. By the time people recovered from the fire, hail and storms had hit various parts of Australia. Much wildlife such as koala bears and kangaroos have been killed in the fire. As if this were not enough, 10,000 camels have been shot because they drink too much water.

North America and Latin America


      Glaciers in North America are melting four times faster than in the last 10 years. Alaskan glaciers have received much attention. Alaska is melting 6 times faster than it has in the last 150 years because it is the hottest part. Unlike the Asian and Antarctic continents, these glaciers are small, so although sea level rise is unlikely, waters are likely to dry up during periods of declining rainfall.


                            LIVE HEALTHY

                                                           “Eat healthy Live healthy”

What is a healthy life?

You know the irrefutable practices that represent somebody who is solid and deals with themselves. A healthy people doesn’t smoke, attempts to keep a sound weight, eats well nourishment with a lot of natural products, vegetables and fiber and, obviously, practices consistently.At the point when you take a gander at all that might actually go into a healthy life, you can see exactly how hard those things are in our present world.
How to maintain healthy life?

To keep a sound way of life, you need to continue to practice good eating habits. For that take high content of vitamins, grains, mineral, proteins, iron and etc., By keeping these habits continuously you can able to improve your healthy life.  Instead of boiling the vegetables eat fresh vegetables.

Drinking a glass of hot water in an empty stomach is helps to reduce the belly fat, cholesterol, digestion, helps to clean the large intestine, and feel fresh.

What to do?

If you want to live long lasting follow the intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting is useful to maintain the sugar level, cholesterol, improve blood pressure, to lose body weight, and increasing metabolism. Daily we should add minimum level of fruits and vegetables.  It will help to increase our immunity level.

Now days, most of people are drinking juices.  Instead of juices, eat raw fruits which help to keep the nutrition in higher side. Eat raw fruits instead of drinking liquid form.

Major problem about the food?

Now days, food is a major problem for human being.  Pesticides play a major role in fruits & vegetables. Because of these, humans are affected by diseases like cancer, abdominal cramps, diarrhea, dizziness, anxiety and confusion.


Pesticides influence various individuals in an unexpected way. Youngsters might be more delicate to certain pesticides than grown-ups. Compared with adults, they take in more air and eat more food comparative with their body size, expanding their openness. At the point when they play on floors or yards or put objects in their mouths, they increment their possibility of openness to pesticides utilized in yards or yards. Additionally, their creating bodies may not separate a few synthetic substances as adequately as grown-ups.

How to solve these problems?

Instead of eating these pesticides vegetables and fruits plant the vegetables and fruits in garden by adding natural manure in good soil to avoid these kinds of problems in our life.

 Path to enhance the healthy lifestyle

Do meditation every day to keep your body in good condition because it helps to reduce the stress level and negative vibes.  In your daily routine, add physical activates exercise to reduce your fats in body and it will helps to evaporate unwanted water.

The role of children in environmental protection

Environmental Protection:

We call the living and inanimate objects around us the environment. The environment plays an important role for a person to live a healthy life. But what we need to understand now is that we are doing the greatest harm to nature due to many scientific changes. Not just for nature, but for us as well.

Environmental Pollution Methods and its Implications: Air Pollution, Water Pollution, Soil Pollution, Noise, Light Pollution, and Food Pollution the list goes on and on.
Air Pollution
We stand in the doorway of the hospital, polluting ourselves with everything we need for our daily lives. The people of that time polluted the environment but also followed the ways to fix it, worshiped nature as a god but we never cared about it.

We are the first generation to realize the impact of climate change and the last generation to fix it,” Jay Insley said. Yes J Insley, it seems very tricky to me. I hope you understand too.

One thing we all know about Delhi(Capital of India) air pollution is that there are reports that breathing polluted air is equivalent to smoking. That condition is enough for some time to come to the towns where we live. The smoke coming out of the vehicles threatens us like a monster.

We aspire to a life of luxury, lose nature and live artificially. In big cities like Chennai, Chicago and WD. look for celery for morning work. Like an ant, a two-wheeler is everywhere on the road. Cars are the only ones that use it.

Alternatively, you can use the bus or train twice a week, even if you can’t do it every day. Humans who add material to future generations should count on leaving a little clean air. Instead of adding gold and material to their offspring, you can add a little clean air, good water, and nature. If everyone starts doing this for the good of nature and for the good of our lives, God-sent guards will protect us. Killing them and looking for danger is a vile thing.

            June 5 is World Environment Day, and on that day there will be awareness ceremonies for human beings in schools, and couples should observe it daily, not just one day.

               Educational institutions now offer a number of courses such as environmental protection methods and environmental management. It is good for the country if students grow up with an interest in the environment from an early age.

                The environment is an important part of life for you, me, and other living beings. Land, water, air, space, fire, food cycle, wildlife, agriculture, and seasons are intertwined in the web-like environment. Even if any of these are cut in a small space, It can cause great harm to all living things, including our own.

Some simple tips to protect the environment:

  • Instead of building a house entirely of concrete, you can set up a small garden at the back of the house and grow plants!
  • Household rubbish can be separated into compostable and non-biodegradable rubbish.
  • Avoid own vehicles as much as possible and use public transportation. Using a bicycle is even more special!
  • You can take the bag with you when you go to the shops. Go there and avoid buying and using plastic bags!
  • You can use both sides of a sheet of paper when printing out on a computer. Thus reducing the use of paper!
  • You can form small groups in school, college, office and conduct environmental awareness programs!

Food as medicine: Change your Attitude

Food as medicine: Change your Attitude

Many people in human society today suffer from various diseases. Many new diseases are emerging that are not enough of the existing ones and make people more and more non-existent. The main reason for this is the food we eat.

“A healer’s power stems not from any special ability, but from maintaining the courage and awareness to embody and express the universal healing power that every human being naturally possesses.”
                                                                                                             ― Eric Micha’el Leventhal

A healthy lifestyle can be achieved through diet to control, cure and prevent disease. So living with medicine without knowing the food culture is nonsense. It is a well-known fact that permanent healing properties can be achieved through food. Despite this, people are still suffering from diseases that make it impossible to understand even this simple thing.

Five chakras of human body

Just as the world is run by famine giants like sky, air, fire, water and earth, so the human body is driven by these famine elements. This human body is made up of these giant elements. When there are imbalances in the nutrients in the body, the body suffers from diseases, pain and illness.

Natural medicine is the method of treating these famine elements as medicine. Its main rule is “food is medicine, medicine is food”. Since the drugs are not handled in this way, there are no side effects. So there is a simple, hassle-free treatment for all ailments. Natural medicine has been successfully growing and eradicating diseases and giving people a prosperous life and a happy healthy life.

Natural medicine is growing very fast in India, the United States, Australia, and many more highlands. This is appreciated by English physicians and other medical practitioners as natural medicine continues to grow as a friendly medicine for all medical systems. Usually you go to any hospital and you feel that you have come to a hospital for treatment.But when you come to natural medicine centers as a patient, it is as if relatives came home and friends came home.

The reason for this is that medicine does not work here. All that is given here is food. These foods may be new to you. Or you may have forgotten foods. Or they may be foods that you do not like. In the early days, you may want to set aside the foods you love to eat after you become ill in the future. Or you may be told by your doctor that you should not eat these foods.

That is why natural medicine is spreading fast and gaining popularity all over the world irrespective of country, race and caste. Today, and past day, why, the sun is the first doctor to save living beings and the human race forever. The plant, which is not exposed to sunlight, the vines often die. Many people get sick when they are hiding to sunlight, often with rashes, bile, and phlegm.

So give importance to sunlight and do sunbathing daily. The greatest doctor next to the sun is the human body. Created by God, this body receives all the necessary panchayat powers by itself. Work of the body to create thirst, and it is the work of man to quench thirst. It is the duty of the human to alleviate the hunger of this body which creates hunger.

So while the body naturally takes care of itself, the human mind can stand in the way of nature and live without disease by eating natural foods that are united with the great elements such as celestial, earth, air, fire and water to cooperate with this body.

POVERTY: A Global Issue

Poverty: A Global Issue

Reducing poverty is apparently the principle worldwide challenge of the twenty-first century. All the nations around the globe face the issue of destitution. But, there are a few nations that are more unfortunate than others like the developing nations in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. A reality where fewer than 20 percent of the individuals use 85 percent of the merchandise and services simply isn’t legitimate. The fewer income individuals in an industrialized country possibly wealthy than the normal residents in a less-developing nation. As indicated by the United Nations’ Human Development Report 2018, the normal per capita salary of the least fortunate one-fifth of Americans was $63,093 in 2018. By Tanzanian standards, Americans in that last 20 percent may appear to be very wealthy. Notwithstanding, by U.S. norms, they are most certainly not. They point out that most low-income Americans own more extravagance things and appliances than average Europeans do (UN 2018). 66% of the world’s poor live in Asia and the Pacific, based on a poverty line of 1.90 dollars daily (2011 PPP). That region’s number of the nation’s poor exceeds two-thirds of the poverty line becomes 2.5 dollars.

However, there is one more important reason to consider poverty to be the planet’s main problem: it associates with numerous other worldwide issues on our list, also, on the off succeed that we don’t prevail with regards to decreasing it significantly, solving the other problems becomes even difficult. Neediness and trouble are a “favourable place for sickness, natural debasement, inward clash, and psychological oppression. This research examines the nature and scope of poverty in developing countries and presents some policy options that can help achieve the goal of eradicating extreme poverty.

The Magnitude of Poverty

The information presented in this paper originates from the World Bank under the United Nations. These two associations draw financial data from different global associations, including the international labour organization (ILO), the food and agricultural organization (FAO), the international monetary fund (IMF), and the United Nations development program (UNDP), to name a few. In spite of the fact that information gathered from this association is normally solid, issues of approach, fund, and exhaustiveness identified with overall information assortment fundamental inquiries for dependability and normalization. Along these lines, care must be taken to examine and decipher the information.

To distinguish and think about the frequency of worldwide poverty the World Bank utilizes 1.95 US Dollar buying power equality (2011 PPP) every day, per individual as the official global poverty line. Purchasing power equality is designed to measure the relative purchasing intensity of currencies across countries. The poverty line of two US dollars per day is fixed in Latin America and Caribbean Iceland. A poverty line of four US dollars per day is fixed in Eastern European nations. For the developed nations the poverty line is set at 14 US dollars. This line additionally relates to the US poverty line (World Bank, 2011) About 1.3 billion people out surprisingly in developing nations live beneath the universal poverty line of 1.90 US dollar per day.

Figure shows that, in 1990, more than 33% of people in the global lived in below poverty line – living on $1.90 per day or less. In 2015, the latest year with strong information, extraordinary poverty line reached at 10 percent, the lowest level in the history. Over the last 30 years, more than one billion people lifted themselves out of outrageous poverty, and about 50% of the world’s countries have reduced extreme poverty to below three percent.

This is one of the extraordinary accomplishments of our time, yet we have much more work to do – 600 million people still live in below poverty line, By 2030, this figure is relied upon to tumble to somewhere in the range of 436 million.

The five countries with the most extreme poor in 2015

Of the world’s 736 million people live in below poverty line in the year of 2015, 368 million—half of the aggregate—lived in only five nations. The 5 nations with the highest number of poor are: Democratic Republic of Congo, Nigeria, India, Ethiopia, and Bangladesh. They additionally happen to be the most crowded nations of South Asia and Africa, the two continent that together account for 85% (629 million) of the world’s poor. Along these lines, to gain huge proceeded with ground towards the worldwide objective of lessening outrageous neediness (those living on under $1.90 per day) to under 3 percent by 2030, enormous decreases in destitution in these five nations will be pivotal.

In any case, we mustn’t dismiss the various different nations with high poverty rates. Figure clearly indicates the poverty projections to 2030 for these top countries reveal, outcomes are varied depend on the situations. At the point when projections depend on nations becoming in accordance with past development rates (the regional normal in the course of the most recent ten years), poverty in India and Bangladesh approaches zero by 2030 yet outrageous destitution in Nigeria, DRC, and Ethiopia remains very raised. The advancement over these 5 nations is characteristic of the more extensive poverty advancement internationally. With the exception of the sub-Saharan world, the deadly disease of extreme poverty has been virtually eradicated. As the Poverty and Shared Prosperity Report 2018 points out, all countries must take join action to reduce poverty to less than three percent.

The Nomadic life of the people

The United Nations refugee agency (UNHCR) says people across the planet are being forced to flee due to persecution, conflict or extremism and more. More than 40 million people are living as refugees in their own countries, and more than 25.4 million are living abroad as refugees. As an alternative to what we think, more than 85 percent of the world’s population fled the developing world in 2017 as refugees. Of the rest, 55 countries are high-income countries, which is painful.

one-fourth of the world’s refugees are Syrian refugees. Most countries are not able to use their resources properly. Around 70 percent live below the destitution line. More than half of the world’s refugees are children. Insecurity and a shortage of essential commodities caused 3.7 million Venezuelans to flee the country. To put it plainly, the world earnestly needs another, worldwide arrangement dependent on authentic global participation and a significant and reasonable sharing of responsibilities.

Strategies of Poverty Reduction

Given the extent of the poverty in creating nations and the nearness of developing strings that can turn around the advancement, poverty decrease techniques must think about a few variables, since no single factor can resolve the issue.  Approach to poverty procedures that can depend on Anti poverty, economic development or some other methodology have not generally been viable.  For example, economic development and capital arrangement or fundamental for continued turn of events, yet they are not adequate.  On the off chance that drawn out advancement is to happen, development repressing issues like political corruption and unmanageable obligations must be disposed of, and development advancing exercises like human capital turn of events, Fair exchange, wellbeing advancement, value and such should be upgraded.  To accept in any case would just bring dissatisfaction and disillusionment.  Economical development, universal support, and social speculation are the three most encouraging procedures that can address the issues of continued turn of events.

Economic growth

Economical development is very important to reducing poverty.  In one generation the well managed growth and equitable distribution of wealth makes to reduce half of the poverty.  A good economical growth has decreased poverty rates in South Korea, India, Malaysia, China and other rising Asian economies.  Even though economic growth can importantly affect poverty, economical development and poverty decrease don’t generally connect at the same time.  In some of the situations, economic development and large advantages lucky few, but however not all.  Since 1950’s Honduras, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States all had substantial economic growth, the indifference between rich and the poor has extended, and joblessness and poverty has endured.  To accomplish significant poverty reduction, the accompanying economic issues must be thought of.

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Growth with equity

Economic development must prompt growing open doors for the poverty to the poor people.  By economical development methodology, the centre of poverty eradication can be achieved and also it has brought about a cabin poverty decrease in Indonesia, Malaysia and South Korea in light of their development technique.  Included extending economical open doors for poverty individuals and allotting these extended resources to well being, instruction and other human advancement endeavours.    Interestingly, Brazil, which gas just thought to be mechanical turn of events, has had no huge poverty decrease, and few only had really advantage from this kind of approach.  This sort of improvement doesn’t help the poor since capital-serious advancement for the most part favour costs, loan fees and trade rates to support the individuals who are as of now better off (UNDP, 2018).   A development methodology is best when it depends on development with equity. Economical development must profit both rich and poor.

Micro Enterprise

Improvement should be given to the small scale industries. Little scope business and agrarian exercises are fundamental to the economic well being of needy individuals on the grounds that considerable salary and stable nourishment are commonly created from this casual financial divisions in creating nations.      It has been proved that through credit, funds and specialized help, poverty individuals can able to begin or grow salary creating to work independently.

Yunus (1994) reported that about 1.6 million women living in poverty where able to create jobs and accumulate capital through micro enterprise strategies.  Small scale industries are not only improves economical growth; it achieves its goals with less investment and less complex administration prerequisites.


Work creation strategy must be encouraged.  Economic development alone doesn’t change   poverty; it just records for about portion of poverty decrease.          It might likewise happen to the detriment of social disturbances, for example, unpredictable business designs, changing expenses and social these areas (Lal and Myint, 1996).

This can affect effectively weak people already, who may lose their Jobs or have their salary decreased.  Thus, an impartial social strategy must be set up to ensure and remunerate the individuals who have been shaped by in fair development.  A Job creation approach is one such engagement that can support poor people. Direct occupation creation for the poor in private and open divisions through expenses and performance has been an effective anti poverty measures in developing countries.  This is especially true when the activity creation strategy is joined by preparation of work, investment funds, wellbeing and other management.  This sort of strategy would probably prompt efficiency and independence among small specialists.

International co-operation:

Even though the fact that is essential duty regarding battling poverty rests with the national exertion, global involvement is basic for important of poverty.  Poverty is similar to the economy, at this point it’s not just national concern, but on the other hand is presently a worldwide issue.  The worldwide mix of economy, culture and governmental issues has obscured national limits, obligations and reinforce worldwide impacts.  The fast globalization which was procured in the twentieth century has brought choices and opportunities. In spite of the fact that globalization has prompted development and profitable for a few, it has additionally driven others into poverty.  To decrease worldwide poverty, to increase the global relationships, worldwide community must solve the growing problems of trade inequity, external debts and foreign aid problem.


Profound exchange balance among rich and helpless nations must be reduced.  Open markets and free progression of innovation and data have made a huge worldwide riches for a few, yet others have profited little or not in the slightest degree.  The UNDP (2020) detailed that from 2001 to 2018 the portion of exchange for Asian nations developed from 4.6% to 12.5%, and the portion of exchange for the least improvement nations is only 0.5 percent.  Killing destitution in non-LDCs in Africa would require a yearly for every capita pay development pace of 8.7 percent. Despite of the standards of the open market where observed by the world and it was not generally stretched out to helpless countries.

The poor macroeconomic arrangements of creating nations may have added to the exchange unevenness, yet a more significant clarification might be found in the terms under principles of universal exchange policies.  For example, poor countries are charged up to 4 times higher than the well developed countries because of poor credit ratings.  As a result of this the developed countries of   credit and extra interest to be paid so the funds have to be transferred from already existing expenditures.  Notwithstanding these negative funds related terms, helpless nations ordinarily wind up paying higher duties on sent out merchandise in spite of endeavours to decrease levy hindrances through the Uruguay round of the overall concurrence on levies and exchange (GATT).   Under the Uruguay round, levy boundaries were to a great extent expelled from different merchandise, however the duties on the items frequently sent out by creating nations, for example, materials, calfskins, rural wares stayed higher (UNDP,1997).  Since the soul of the Uruguay round was not intended to make champs and losers, the exchange rules must turn out to be more uniform and reasonable for all.



The devastating weight of unfamiliar Dept must be eased from helpless nations.  There are many poor countries to improve the economic growth and its unable to implement the economical principles.  At the point of view when changes are executed, they are after so prohibitive and severe it will damage most of the poor people and make political in confidence in the general public.

The principal can be cut, the length of the lend can be expanded, the financing cost can be reduced and finally, the whole Dept can be forgiven.  In spite of the fact that these activities may make future credit issues for indebted countries, genuine thought must be given to reduce the profundities of those nations that are sincerely e putting forth an attempt to change their economies and their depts.

Social Investment

An effective Anti-poverty approach incorporates economical development with social venture.  A successful partnership among economic and social development enables the people to deal more effectively with changing economic environment and political priorities.

There are many global organizations, including UNESCO, UNICEF, the World Bank and the IMF, the poor delivery of social services to support by strengthening.   Putting resources into people has continued impartial development and resource for even helpless countries like Hong Kong, Switzerland, Singapore and Taiwan (Birdsall, 1999).  To guarantee that funds are made accessible for social investment, the Oslo agreement on 20/20 was embraced in 1996.  Under this arrangement, the government allots 20% of its spending plan to social administrations and 20% of the benefactors help will be focused to social assistance programs (UNDP,1997).   Social assistance spending, which gives chances to confidence, adds to long haul benefits for people and society.  Arrangement of social services sachin’s instruction, wellbeing and human capital improvement is significant counter repeating measures against poverty.


One of the most significant approaches to reduce poverty is to educate the poor people, scenes training opens up a wide scope of economic career for people.  The countries which are not able to improve the economical growth without educate people because economic environmental always keep changing.  This is real for present data and innovation situated economies.  Chung (1994) reported the achievement found in Zimbabwe, South Korea and different countries in extending instructive open doors for their citizens.  Birdsall (1999) found that training was a factor in the more impartial dispersion of the advantages of precious stone from development.  She noticed that during the 1970 the compensation imbalance between the school and instructed labourers and non school taught labourers in South Korea lessened on the grounds that an ever increasing number of people in South Korea finished auxiliary training. Conversely, wage disparity in Brazil developed in light of the fact that training holes expanded in the workforce.


Interest in human healthcare is another significant system that can be utilized to oppose poverty.  Education should be improved with good investment.  Even though the poor health doesn’t cause poverty, there seems, by all accounts, to be a two path connection among poverty and health. Malnutrition can possibly wreck financial and social strength.  Alternately, poverty, unemployment and financial deterioration can make the potential for Malnutrition, malady and ailment.

The reliability of people health must be secured and guaranteed and at the same time product should not to be reduced.  At the point of view, the people die before or experience genuine wellbeing difficulties from preventable ailments, possible economic development and improvement might be seriously undermined.

Human capital:

Human capital stock is one of the significant determinants of labourer’s achievement in the work showcase.  An elevated level of human capital stock upgrades labourer’s capacity to get a wide scope of business and increment their pay.   So as to remind profitable and appreciate versatility in the work advertise, the human capital load of labourers must be fortified ceaselessly.  This is especially obvious in the changing information and related to technology situated financial condition of today.  Preferably, a will educated workers has these capabilities and appreciates security and flourishing.  Bat in light of the fact that numerous labourers can’t refresh in excess of fundamental instruction, they ought to get preparing and they should be trained.  Interest in preparing programs at work or apprenticeship and professional training and restoration would be generally helpful.


Due to the lack of a proper path to eradicate poverty among the nations of the world and the lack of balance, The UN predicts that the global extraordinary poverty rate will rise to 9 percent by 2020, with a focus of 0.3 to 0.7 percent. Global pandemic and economic war is expected to be a major obstacle to ending extreme poverty by 2030. We are important to join hands with common organizations in the fight against poverty.

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